Basic Nuclear Ignorance

Today, a letter to the editor of the “Northumberland Today” newspaper from one Roy Cowan of Port Hope, Canada began:

“… I am amazed at the widespread response on radio, TV, the national press, and the Internet, to the aborted Port Hope anti-nuclear presentation by Dr. Helen Caldicott.   I also believe that it will help people to recognize that the issue of nuclear energy goes well beyond the borders of Port Hope.   It is, in fact, a potential world-wide problem which few people understand.

In the Nov 18.  Northumberland Today, Families Against Radiation Exposure (FARE) chairman Sanford Haskill states that Dr. Caldicott’s presentation was too technical for himself and other people.   Having studied her background, her writing, and verbal presentations, I am surprised that anyone involved with the nuclear issue would not have made an effort to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of nuclear energy, which are not all that mysterious.

As an analogy, one does not have to be familiar with the complexities of the Rolls-Royce gas turbine engines to understand why they keep a 747 in the air: the theory of flight can be explained in five minutes…”

It is imperative that society does not desert the playing field of survival to the environmental bigots selling gloom and doom to the willfully ignorant.

We need to develop a core curriculum on the atomic nature of reality and how mankind takes advantage of it to flourish.

Mr. Cowan Provides Us With A Good Start…!

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