Why Should The Nation Borrow Money For Bad Ideas?

“Pres. Obama laid out an ambitious goal — by 2035, America gets 80% of its electricity from clean energy sources.  Obama includes nuclear and emerging clean coal tech — and many environmentals don’t embrace them…

Private investors chasing green investments are having problem.  “The stocks of renewable energy companies — e.g., wind / solar power providers — have been big losers.  The Clean Edge Global Wind Energy Index, tracking wind stocks, is down about 27% over the last 12 mos.  This is disappointing since oil stocks and the S&P500 both surged upward 20% over the same period.

” ‘The sector is not much loved at the moment,’ concedes Edward Guinness, co-manager of the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund.  With a nearly 22 percent loss in 2010, the fund finished last among 83 funds specializing in energy stocks, according to Morningstar. The $38 million portfolio was weighed down by solar and wind energy stocks, most of which fared poorly last year. One of its biggest holdings, SunPower Corp., fell 46 percent…” — Mark Jewell, 6 Feb 2011, (AP), Boston.com,

Investors seek profits for a reason:  they make the enterprise sustainable, instead of a ‘Money Pit.’

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